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About us

Cargolux Virtual is a virtual airline who unite virtual pilots all around the world who share a love for flying. The airline started on 11th April 2020 to bring a change to the Infinite Flight Community. Our goal was to build a community like no other.
A community in which we can offer our pilots the best experience in Virtual Flying.
CLXVA provides bi-weekly events on Infinite Flight. We keep a balance between long haul and short haul so we can provide events to all our members. We keep our activity rules low (2 flights per month). This way we do not put pressure on our pilots and that everyone can have a fun experience.
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Acceptance Rate

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CLXVA's Bases are a unique feature only available at CLXVA that allows Pilots to join Bases such as Luxembourg, London, Hong Kong, Anchorage, Santiago or Johannesburg to gain more flight time through Base Bonuses, along with adding some realism to your gaming experience. This is a very popular feature in the CLXVA community.

Our Pilots Come First

CLXVA focuses on our pilots more than anything. Our amazing staff team dedicates their time to make every pilots's experience one to remember. Without our pilots, there would be no CLXVA. Click below to see some quotes from our amazing pilots.

Pilot Quotes

Whats stopping you, apply today!

Becoming a pilot for CLXVA is not easy, but it gives you the ability to become part of the CLXVA family. In order to apply, you have to meet a list of airline requirements.
Below are the requirements
• Must have an active Infinite Flight PRO Subscription
• Must be 15 years or older
• Must be willing to fill out flight logs (PIREPS)
• Must speak English
• Must not have any level 3 violations in the past 3 months
• Must be willing to explain the reasoning violation(s) with Recruiter
• Must not have more than 3 level 3 violations in the last 24 months